Pause to Think and Pray

Course Description:

While most professing Christians are aware of the importance of prayer, few have ever been taught how vital it is to think for the purpose of honoring God.  We ask ourselves, "What was I thinking?" after we do something regrettable.  Thinking is so basic, yet too often we neglect to engage and renew our minds, especially when we assume we have no better choice than to submit to cultural forces or maintain the status quo.  The opportunity cost for failing to think critically is severe.  Bypassing prayer is, likewise, very costly.  This required course is designed to help students develop lifelong habits of thinking and praying  and to understand the difference between relying on God’s power or not. 


Guiding Questions:

  • What is the difference between praying and saying prayers?

  • How should Christians pray? Should we pray the prayers of Scripture, including the imprecatory Psalms?

  • What does it mean to pause to think?

  • What are the basic elements of logic?

  • Why are so many professing Christians anti-intellectual?