Pause to Think and Pray

Course Description:

How hurried and rushed are you?  How much time do you carve out to think and pray?  Is there a difference between thinking and praying?  What does it mean to think Christianly?  What does it mean to think? Is prayer nothing more than a form of thinking?  Why is it so rare for professing Christians to gather together to pray unhurriedly?  What underlying beliefs keep believers from believing that extended, corporate prayer is worthwhile?  What is the opportunity cost for failing to stop and think and for declining to pause to pray?  This is a course on the theology of prayer.


Key Questions To Be Explored:

  • What faculties of the mind does thinking involve?

  • ​What is the difference between thinking and praying?​

  • What does it mean to pray? How does praying differ from saying prayers? 

  • How private should prayer be?

  • What does your prayer life say about your theology?



Judy Glanz, Ph.D.

Full Course Runs:

Saturday, Jan. 2 –

Friday, Feb. 5, 2021

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