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Moral Governance I

Course Description:

This entry-level course is for current and emerging board members. The purpose of it is to teach members to govern local churches, parachurch ministries, and national and international nonprofits.  To govern an organization is to hold it in trust by encoding the DNA of the organizational culture and by embodying and enforcing its written policies.  To govern Christianly is to call the entity upwards to the standards of Christ so that every worker is held accountable with care and respect.  When boards operate on the premise of self-preservation and survival, they miss the opportunity to make that organization truly great.  In this course, students learn what a nonprofit is, what board duties are, how moral authority works, and why so many Christian boards unintentionally become dysfunctional. Assignments are practical and tailored to help students become functional, godly trustees. 

Guiding Questions:

  • What is a board?  How do boards shape the culture of organizations?

  • What is governance?  What are the benefits of policy governance? 

  • What pitfalls do church elders and Christian board members commonly fall into? 

  • How can boards keep organizations “right on mission”?

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