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Knowing Yourself

Course Description:

Where in the Bible does it say to know yourself?  What does self-awareness have to do with serving God effectively?  How can Christians gain self-knowledge without becoming too self-focused or narcissistic?  What are the advantages of being able to think both biblically and culturally about one's own self-knowledge?  In this course, students will be challenged and supported in their quest to be self-aware, so that they can be more Christ-like overall.  

Key Questions To Be Explored:

  • Who am I?  Who will I become if I continue in my current patterns of living? 

  • What biases do I have?  What pains am I reacting to most?   What are my blind spots?  

  • How easy am I to talk to openly?  How receptive am I to genuine correction?

  • What are my best character strengths and worst weaknesses during this season of my life?

  • How can I wisely adjust my ways in this culture, so as to share God's love more fully?

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