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Jim Sumner

Jim Sumner is available to keynote at conferences and retreats or to speak to men's groups or guest preach in a weekend service. 


Jim is a bold preacher with two master's degrees: M.A. in Social Studies from Azusa Pacific University M.A. in Intellectual Leadership from A.W. Tozer Theological Seminary.

Jim's testimony isn't just a testimony.  It's a story that will take you on a journey back to your own childhood and your own deep encounter with God's grace.  To hear Jim share his story is to relive Jim's story with him.  Right On Mission will be featuring a portion of Jim's testimony soon on video.

Jim Sumner was broken to the point of genuine repentance and born of God's Spirit on October 19, 1994.  As a 37 year old convert, Jim's life radically changed.  He married Sarah in December 1996, moved to California in August 1997, became an assistant youth pastor in 1998, a church staff member at New Song Church in 2004, and an adjunct faculty member at Simpson University in 2010.  As a faculty member, he teaches Small Group Ministry.

Jim has served on church staff as:

  • Teaching Pastor

  • Pastor of Spiritual Formation

  • Children's Pastor

  • English Youth Pastor


Jim and Sarah wrote a book titled, Just How Married Do You Want To Be? (IVP, 2008).

Jim likes to work outside in the yard, watch movies, play four-square with the neighborhood kids, and eat ice cream and dark chocolate.

Topics Jim speaks on:

  • Baptism

  • Identity in Christ

  • What it Means to be "Called" by God

  • Small Group Ministry

  • Women in Ministry Leadership

  • Any Bible Passage

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