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Becoming a Lead Worshiper

Course Description:

Jesus said John the Baptist was the most humble man alive.  John the Baptist is famous for saying, "I am not the Christ" (John 1:20).  What if every worship leader in every Christian gathering were subtly to convey to the full congregation, "I am not the Christ"?  How might such worship leaders dress?  How might they pray?  What spiritual preparation would each worship leader need if the goal of the worship service was to spark a flame of praise in every human heart to Jesus Christ alone?  This is a specialty leadership course designed for maturing Christians who are gifted to lead worship in word and song.

Guiding Questions:

  • What is the difference between being a worship leader and a lead worshiper?

  • How can worship leaders lead without seeming like celebrities?

  • What are effective ways to draw attention to God?

  • How can worship leaders lead people into repentance?

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