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Whereas sinful anger extinguishes love, godly anger ignites it.

Few people realize that the Gospels include fifteen different stories about Jesus’ anger.  Jesus' anger shows us what godly anger is.


Although sinful anger cannot achieve the righteousness of God, godly anger can rouse a sleeping church.  Godly anger stirs people to wake up and be truthful, so that many can be healed.  Godly anger is the antidote to arrogance, addictions and senseless violence.  It’s the cure for selfish fear and complacency.  It's the spark for moral courage.  It's the match that lights new fire for repentance and revival in the Church.

Chapters include:

  • Introducing Jesus’ Anger

  • Doesn't the Bible Say Anger Is Sinful?

  • What Does Jesus' Anger Look Like?

  • Anger That Justifies Hell

  • What Caused Jesus to Be Angry?

  • Why Did Jesus Rage at the Tomb of Lazarus?

  • How Did Jesus' Anger Bring Healing?

  • Was Jesus Ever Angry at God the Father?

  • Can It Be Sinful Not to Be Angry?

  • Sparking a Movement of Jesus’ Anger   

The discussion questions are not included in the book. Email us for a copy of the PDF.


"Angry Like Jesus helped me see God in a fresh way, showing me a different angle on His truth and love. At the same time, it made me think about my own anger, exposing my selfish motives while calling me to something greater that is yet more truthful and more loving.  I couldn’t put this book down.  It's both challenging and insightful.  A must-read."

—  Andrea Buczynski, VP of Global Leadership Development, CRU

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