We have a listening culture.

Your education starts with us listening to you.

We write your mission statement,

fill you with knowledge that gives you hope, and lead you to discover your God-given vision, so you find moral courage 

to live uniquely “right on mission”

even in the face of opposition.

Our 5 Services teach you,
your organization,
and your governing board,
to stay "on mission" with Christ.

Our Mission:

To teach believers to think so Christianly that they find the moral courage to act with integrity as Christ followers, even in the face of opposition

Our Motto:

Where Believers Find Moral Courage

Our Vision:

To see a Reformation-like theological revolution that builds integrity in the Church

Our Core Competency:

Providing First-Rate Services that redefine what it means to be educated theologically

Our Core Values:

  • Truthfulness - We humble ourselves in unity simply by facing the Truth.  Truth upholds trust and love. 

  • Prayerfulness - We ask God for help as we thank Him with worship and joy.

  • Encouragement - We celebrate each other and cheer people on to please God.

  • Personal Responsibility - We serve others with competence. We own our failures, help each other to repent, and take action to make things right.

  • Discipleship - We take seriously Jesus' command to follow Him and make disciples.

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