Right On Mission is a new business model for Christian higher education. 

We teach ministry-minded believers, including those in the marketplace,

how to live Right "On Mission."


Providing First-Rate Services that redefine what it means to be educated theologically


We believe God's power is perfected in the weakness of believers who think Christianly.


To teach believers to think so Christianly that they find the moral courage to act with integrity as Christ followers, even in the face of opposition


To see Christians theologically transformed


  • Truthfulness - We humble ourselves in unity simply by facing the Truth.  Truth upholds trust and love. 

  • Prayerfulness - We ask God for help as we thank Him with worship and joy.

  • Wisdom - We ask God for wisdom in the fear of the Lord.

  • Moral Courage - We repent our way into walking by faith, not sight.

  • Discipleship - We take seriously Jesus' command to follow Him and make disciples.

P.O. Box 494933, Redding, CA 96049  |  530-768-7068  |  info@rightonmission.org

©2015 by Right On Mission

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