Moral Governance II

Course Description:

Many board members are sacrificial givers who genuinely seek to support the ministry of their Christian organization, but few understand how to use their power to influence the board itself. This advanced course teaches emerging and current board members how to play the sport called “governance.”  Governance is a group activity.  It involves group dynamics, corporate power, and regular opportunities for doing good.  Although boards are famous for being dysfunctional, they can learn how to do extraordinary things in an upright way if everyone understands the skill of governance.    

Guiding Questions:

  • In what sense is governance a group sport?

  • What are wise ways for boards to adapt themselves as the organization changes?

  • How can individual board members hold the board accountable to itself?

  • What does it mean to be a visionary board?

  • What difference does it make when a board applies the Bible?