Writing a Book

Course Description:

Many people say that someday they are going to write a book. Few people, however, actually take time to make that happen.  Even fewer learn to write well.  Writing is hard work.  Writing is rewriting.  Part of the challenge in the craft is that good writing requires the writer to be vulnerable and honest.  Often the best writing requires painstaking effort.  Author, William Styron, said that writing Sophie's Choice was like walking on his knees from Paris to Moscow.  Developing a book's structure, titling chapters, sequencing ideas, selecting just the right words, turning phrases, takes know-how and tenacity.  In this course students will be taught to think in terms of book-writing and to plan how to get a book written within a preset time frame. 


Key Questions To Be Explored:

  • How do I start writing a book? 

  • What is my main message?

  • How do I structure my book?

  • What feelings am I trying to evoke in the hearts of my readers? 

  • How do I know when I have finished the final revision of my book?  When does revising end?

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