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Workplace Apologetics

Course Description:

This is a course on pre-evangelism.  It's an apologetics course that tackles perrennial questions such as, "How can God be good when there is so much suffering in the world?" and "What is the origin of evil?" as well as other questions that people say prevents them from following Christ.  What does Wisdom say?  Is it wise to think that God is greater than evil?  Is it logical to affirm the Christian faith?  What does it mean to think logically as opposed to illogically?  Where is the place for logic in postmodernity?  In this course, students will dive into deep, disturbing questions that have vexed rebellious minds for centuries. 


Guiding Questions:

  • Is Christianity rational?  Is it illogical to believe in Jesus?    

  • What is postmodernity?  It is logical to be illogical in a post-logical, post-Christian society?

  • How is my own mind rebellious?

  • How can I "contend for the faith once delivered" (Jude 3) in the most loving, gentle way?

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