Theology of the Image of God

Course Description:

Although many Christians know that people are created in God’s image, few have any clarity as to what God’s image is. What does it mean to be human? In what sense was Jesus human? How can Jesus be God if He is the Image of God (Colossians 1:15)? Do women bear God's image less than men do? (I Corinthians 11:3)?  Are the unborn in the womb fully human? Do people become less human as they age? In this course students contend with deep theological issues in anthropology and grapple with hard questions about identity politics, gender wars, critical race theory and disputes about what it means to be a self.


This course is co-listed as "Spiritual Direction II."

Key Questions To Be Explored:

  • What is the image of God?

  • What distinguishes people from animals?

  • Are people divided up into body, mind, soul, and spirit? If so, what distinguishes the human spirit from the mind and soul? 

  • How can we begin to articulate an accurate theology of the body?