Theology of the Image of God

Course Description:

Although many Christians know that people are created in God’s image, few have any clarity as to what God’s image is.  This course offers a Theology of People based on Scripture, the power of the Imago Dei,  and on God’s Word applied.  The course introduces students afresh to Jesus who “is” the Image of God.  Students are guided into a discovery of how Jesus’ Identity defines our identity in Him.  With that, students are challenged to ponder and formulate questions about identity politics regarding sexuality, race and what it means to be a “self” made of body, soul, mind and spirit.   Each student is also given an experiential opportunity to receive inner healing in shared communion with God.  


This course is co-listed as "Spiritual Direction II."

Key Questions To Be Explored:

  • What is the Image of God?  

  • How is it that everyone bears the image of God given all the injustice people incur and suffer in this world?  

  • How might a robust understanding of what it means to be created in the image of God draw people out of the perils of identity politics and usher them into peace with each other and God?