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Spiritual Direction III

(Specialty Course)

Course Description:

This advanced course is a Specialty Course designed to give students training as spiritual directors. In this lab-like practicum, students practice being hospitable so as to make space in themselves to be able to listen to God on behalf of others. Students are supervised pastorally as spiritual practitioners who carry themselves relationally in a prayerful listening posture. Whereas academic disciplines are typically grounded only in traditional knowledge, spiritual direction, by contrast, is knowledge confirmed in Scripture, yet received in a moment of honest surrender to God. Each student in this course receives weekly supervision and practice being a spiritual director.  

Prerequisites include:  Spiritual Direction I, Spiritual Direction II, Effective Listening, Knowing Father God, Knowing Yourself, Secular Ideologies, and Holy Spirit of Truth

Key Questions To Be Explored:

  • How does a spiritual director maintain wise relational boundaries?

  • How can a spiritual director guide people to the Lord without unduly pressuring them?

  • What is the difference between empathy and enablement?

  • How does faith development correlate with a person’s ability to hear God?

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