Moral Courage & Shalom

May 8, 2015

Can you imagine what might happen if every professing Christian had the integrity to live out what they say they believe?  The word integrity is related to the word integer.  An integer is a whole number, not a fraction.  Integrity is wholeness.  It’s the opposite of fragmentation.  Real wholeness leads to holiness.  Shalom.  


The way to establish shalom—that overall sense of peace that results from genuine wellness—is for us to plant “the seed whose fruit is righteousness.” (James 3:18)


Every time you plant a seed of kindness, it blossoms into a flower that makes someone else’s life a little better.  And every time you sow a seed of sin, the world becomes a little bit more desolate.


The apostle Paul said it clearly:  “Do not be deceived—God is not mocked—for whatever a person sows, thus he or she will reap.” (Galatians 6:7)  For example, if we plant lies, we will be invaded by corruption.  If we plant truthfulness, we will reap mutual trust.


Don’t you love it when you meet a real Christian whom you can trust to be truthful?  Truth is the medium for authentic communication.  Truth is what makes it possible for people to confess their honest thoughts.  Truth secures justice.  Truth sets people free.  Truth is the foundation for all learning.  No one can build upon what they know without being truthful about what they know.  Without truth, we are left with made up stories of the past—deprived of history.  Apart from truth, there is no order, only chaos. Truth indicts us all, and truth invites us all to dwell in Christian unity.  Shalom.


I believe God’s plan is for followers of Christ to plant seeds that spring forth from the earth with bounty that benefits everyone.  The truth spoken in love benefits everyone.  Jesus said of Himself, “I am the Truth” (John 14:6).  Truth gives way to trust, and trust bonds people together to do yet greater things.


What seed can you sow today that will strengthen the bonds of trust in Christian community?


Lord, please make us a people of moral courage who dare to sow the seeds of shalom.

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