Moral Courage for People Pleasers

April 23, 2015

Welcome to my new Blog!  My name is Sarah Sumner.  I’m becoming a blogger for the purpose of sparking a movement for moral courage.  


What is moral courage?  I define it as the courage to risk everything in obedience to Christ.  Moral courage has to do with acknowledging the difference between right and wrong.  It gives you the spiritual strength to do what God says is right, even in the face of opposition.  Moral courage, in a word, is fortitude. 


How did I become positioned to lead a movement for moral courage?  It all started in my twenties when I consciously went to war against my own fears.  I used to be so scared about what others thought of me.  Probably my worst sin was that of people-pleasing.  But the Spirit of God convicted me, so I subjected myself to God’s transforming power.  I buried myself in Scripture.  I read the whole Bible over and over and confessed my actual, specific sins to other people.  I spent twenty years repenting from selfish fear and image management. 


To catch a further glimpse of my background, you can look here and here.


Are you stuck somehow in people-pleasing fear?  Do you care more about your image than your soul?  If you long to be free, so that you can love God freely without worrying about what other people think, then this is my prayer for you:


I pray that God Who raised Jesus from the dead

will miraculously make you alive.


May God breathe new life in you.

May God grant you moral courage in this season of your life,

so that you will have strength to stand firm.


I pray that you’ll love God, so that you are motivated

to love what God loves and hate what God hates.

I pray that you’ll have moral sensibilities.


May you remember your First Love,

so that your heart remains soft toward any accusers. 

May you bless those who persecute you.

May you pray for those who tempt you to join with them in denial and self-indulgence.

May you clear out the moneychangers from God’s temple.


May you join the ranks of David who boldly felled Goliath

and Esther who saved her people

and Peter who repented after he denied the Lord three times.

May your person be so graced by Jesus’ cleansing blood

that you find yourself guilt-free and filled with the surpassing peace of Christ.


Lord, please set Your healing gaze upon me and upon each person

who says “yes” to the invitation to join a movement for moral courage

that ushers in revival for Your Church. 


In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.

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