Secular Ideologies

Course Description:

Secular ideologies are irreligious ideas such as Darwinism, Communism, atheism, and postmodernism.  When secular ideologies permeate a culture, they tend to seep into the minds of authentic Christ followers who are often unaware of this reality.  Secularism hardens people's openness to trust God.  How can we trust God if God might not exist?  How can we dare to stand up for what is right if everything is gray and there is no right and wrong, but only people's differing opinions?  This is a course to help students de-tox from secularism.  It's a course that shows the contrast between belief and unbelief.


Key Questions To Be Explored:

  • What makes secular ideologies secular?

  • What secularism has crept into Christian churches?

  • How does secularism contribute to correcting Christian theology? 

  • What is the difference between belief and unbelief?

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