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The Life Mission Credential shows students theologically how to live out their mission statement, even in the face of opposition.

The Life Mission Credential is comprised of:


Life Mission Credential

Every follower of Christ needs to be equipped, especially in a post-Christian culture. 

That's why Right On Mission offers a

Life Mission Credential for college-level students and adults. 


  • A confident sense of self-worth that they retain when under pressure

  • A budding Christian mind

  • The nerve to be truthful

  • Appreciation for the power of repentance  

  • Perspective from seeing how their mission statement fits with God’s mission

  • A biblical understanding of their true calling

  • A clear, compelling vision of their own life and future

  • Discipline to focus their time and energy

  • Breakthroughs from spiritual insights that make them feel alive  

  • Greater hope in God

  • Relational knowledge that enables them to see that God is faithful

  • More moral courage than they have ever had in their life

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