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Jodi Pinkous

Jodi Pinkous is a dedicated wife and mother who sees her greatest work as modeling a life of Christ-likeness for her three daughters and son.  Being a former youth pastor, Jodi’s vision is to see new generations of youth follow God in purity and truth. Her mission is to stimulate believers to make God their First Desire.  Her M.A. in Christian Education and her B.A. in Theatre are both from Azusa Pacific University.


Jodi is a woman who regularly preaches in a network of local churches. She also keynotes at women’s retreats and teaches young adults at her home church.  She enjoys heartfelt conversations with friends, competitive card games, and days of rest in the mountains.

Topics Jodi speaks on:

  • Being Free of Fear and Worry

  • Finding Your Identity in Christ

  • Mothers on Mission

  • Theology for Children

  • Gospel Truth

  • The Bible

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