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Holy Spirit of Truth

Course Description:

This course is a graduate level study of the Holy Spirit of God.  The Bible says a lot about the Holy Spirit, yet many professing Christians are confused about Who the Spirit really is.  In this course, students engage Scripture, church tradition, and God Himself in an effort to think more Christianly about the Third Person of the Trinity.  Students will be guided to find out what it means to be born of the Spirit, filled with the Spirit, and baptized in the Spirit and also to understand the difference between grieving the Spirit, quenching the Spirit, blaspheming the Holy Spirit, and praying in the Spirit or not.  NOTE:  This course serves as a prerequisite for the Suffering and Healing course.

Guiding Questions:

  • Why has the Holy Spirit been so neglected in church history?

  • Why is the Holy Spirit so in vogue today? 

  • Why do some churches focus more on the Word of God and others on the Spirit of God?

  • What does it mean to worship God in Spirit and in Truth?

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