Holy Spirit of Truth

Course Description:

This is a course about God.  It's an introductory study of the Triune God that focuses on the Holy Spirit of Truth.  Who is the Holy Spirit of Truth?  Is that the Holy Spirit who is sometimes called "the Holy Ghost?" Is God a ghost?  Is God invisible?  What does it mean for God to be triune?  What does Truth have to do with the triune God?  Is there even such a thing as capital "T" Truth?  What does it mean to worship God in Spirit and in Truth (John 4:23)?  Whether you're a brand new Christian or a long-time veteran Christian, this course is for you.   

Key Questions To Be Explored:

  • Who is the Holy Spirit? 

  • Is the Holy Spirit an "it" like a dove?  Or a concept like truth?  Or a person like Jesus, God's Son?

  • Why has the Holy Spirit been so neglected in church history?

  • What does it mean to be filled with the Holy Spirit?

  • What happens when people grieve the Holy Spirit?  Or quench the Holy Spirit?