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Effective Listening

Course Description:

One of the most intriguing commandments is Jesus’ admonition, “Be careful how you listen.” Can you imagine what Jesus was like when He was listening? How satisfying do you think it was for people to share their thoughts and feelings with Him? Scholarly research shows that 70% of the job for successful CEOs is effective listening. Yet most Christian leaders are taught to be good speakers, not excellent listeners. This course is a practicum in which students are taught to think theologically about listening as they practice paying attention with more humility and joy.

Guiding Questions:

  • How can I become a better listener? Is someone trying to tell me something that I have not been willing to receive?

  • How do I listen with discernment when multiple voices are pressuring me with contradictory messages and advice?

  • Who do I really listen to? Should I be listening to those voices? How much do I listen to God? What is God saying to me now?

To enhance your experience in listening to God, here is a guided exercise for you:

A Prayer of ExamenAdele Booysen, D.Min.
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