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Conflict Resolution

Course Description:

Conflict results when people do not want the same thing.  To be in conflict means to be at odds with another person or to be in a disagreement that is difficult to resolve.  Conflict can be scary because it threatens loss, yet when people are skilled at resolving it, conflict can bring with it lasting gains.  Conflict is inevitable in honest relationships.  Conflict helps us know ourselves and also know others better.  But not all conflicts are the same.  In this practicum, students are taught how to get beyond their hurt feelings and participate lovingly in reconciliation and redemptive conversations.

Key Questions To Be Explored:

  • How can I be a "safe" person to talk to and still be true to Christ?

  • What does healthy confrontation look like?

  • What is the difference between exercising good judgment and being self-righteously judgmental?

  • How can people move from being conflict avoidant to being sin avoidant?



Conflict Resolution has been a challenging class for me. (Every course is challenging at Right On Mission but this one is pushing on areas in my life that are uncomfortable. The class is so good, but man, it hurts).  Jim Sumner does such a great job as the instructor. He is very vulnerable and transparent and grows right in front of us. Jim is helping me articulate and challenge unbiblical paradigms that I didn't know I had. 

Katie Vars, International Leader

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