Conflict Resolution

Course Description:

Not all conflicts are the same.  Sometimes conflicts are healthy disagreements that lead to superior solutions, and sometimes conflicts are selfish quarrels that degenerate into violent wars.  How can different kinds of conflicts be resolved?  What are Christ followers to do when they have serious conflict with each other?  What are bystanders to do when they see another person being bullied?  In this course students will be prompted to become peacemakers, not appeasers. 

Key Questions To Be Explored:

  • When should a Christ follower confront and when should a Christ follower forbear?

  • Which battles are worth fighting?

  • Have I "removed the log" in my own eye?

  • Do I love others enough to "remove the speck" from their "eye"?



Jim Sumner, M.A.

Full Course Runs:

Wednesday, Apr. 7 –

Friday, May 28, 2021

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