Board Chair Training

One-on-one training for Board Chairs can bring about major, organizational change or simply help a board become the very best version of itself.  Since Board Chairs set the tone for the entire organization, they need to acquire wisdom and develop the appropriate skills. We can help you become a first-rate, certified board chair.

At Right On Mission, we specialize in educating Board Chairs by helping them to:


  • Serve as moral leaders

  • Cultivate healthy relationships with others on the team, including the CEO

  • Manage group dynamics and avoid groupthink

  • Make timely, wise decisions under pressure

  • Communicate more effectively internally with the group and externally with the media

  • Manage and resolve conflict in a fruitful, trust-building way

  • Facilitate productive, orderly meetings that use Robert’s Rules or other effective systems to capture the best ideas

  • Understand the Articles, Bylaws, and Policies of the organization

  • Become good policy writers

  • Know what to do in order to take the organization to the next level


Combination board chair and executive director training is also available.


Travel is optional. Clients can either bring Right On Mission “on site” or work with us face to face through video conferencing instead.


Laurie Reinhart (H.R. Expert), Tom Okarma (Expert Executive), and Sarah Sumner (Policy Expert) are Right On Mission’s lead Board Chair Consultants.

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