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Ancient Church History

Course Description:

This course reaches back to the very beginning of the church, even into the New Testament book of Acts.  In it students will learn how the church got started and how heretics providentially catalyzed the church to take pains to establish right doctrine.  Students will find out about the Council of Chalcedon and other famous meetings and debates.  The purpose of the course is to show Christ followers how brilliant Christian doctrine truly is.  As British writer, Dorothy Sayers, famously put it, "The drama is in the doctrine."  


Key Questions To Be Explored:

  • What is the actual content of historically orthodox, Christian doctrine?

  • In what sense is the drama in the doctrine?

  • How does heresy advance the development of doctrine?

  • What qualifies a person to be a heretic?

  • How can we value Christian creeds in a post-Christian era?

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